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Our Mission


To help connect the world through innovative

creativity. We take your ideas and make them come

to life. Business or personal, we will help make your idea


To help connect the world

through innovative creativity.

We take your ideas and make them come to life.

Business or personal, we will help

make your idea soar.

How to get started


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What we need

before we get


Information about your project, as detailed as possible.

Any assets that need to be included.

In what time frame you would like your project completed.

The process


Create USA

We make our process simple, to ensure that

your projects vision is

completed as accuaretly as possible.


Always available

to discuss your

project, or if you

have any questions.

Initial Contact

We review the information submitted and make a detailed plan on how to accomplish the task.

Client Communication

A call or message, to discuss your project in detail. We submit our detailed plan.

Feedback & Revisions

Once we submit your project for review, we will work on your feedback and work on any revisions needed.

The benefits

The team working

Professional services, with 20 years of experience.

Communicate with world leading designers.

Fast turn around times.

Listen to your needs and values.

Adaptable in time zone.

Fill out our form

to submit your project.

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Questions, questions and more questions to understand your product.

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Create USA are ideal for identifying problems and helping decision making.


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We love to open the doors of our office to collaborate - in COVID-19 times though, we are happy to do remote sessions. ☺︎



Any project or product of a digital nature. From a product that is already live to a design that has not yet seen the light. It doesn't matter if you are an entrepreneur, designer, developer, if the project is monetized, non-profit, etc. Everyone is welcome, it only matters that you have a specific goal and a product that meets that need.

We expect a maximum of 3 participants from your side to be involved. As for ++hellohello, we will add 4-5 more from our team.

The total duration is between 60-90 minutes; using 10 minutes to present your work, 20 minutes for individual feedback from our members and a final phase open to discussion, questions and exchange.

We want to collaborate with the industry and the community by sharing our Design Critique process in a public and open way, with the aim of helping and adding value to companies, designers, entrepreneurs, or simply you, in a transparent way.

Yes, a 100%, there are no hidden costs. We want to create an open instance in which different actors can share their work, ideas and projects to collaborate and receive a critical vision of design and business.

Once the session is over, we document all the information to share with you, this includes a document with all the feedback and exchange of the session, tips and ideas of possible solutions as well as photos and videos of the session.

In order to contribute to the community, we need your permission to share informative pieces in media such as social networks. We are committed to keep your information safe, we are not interested in appropriating or selling your idea. We want to be able to share the experience of working together.


We work with small

and big companies

doing great things.

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